Add a new Attribute to an existing Cube?

      Add a new Attribute to an existing Cube?

      ?( sry for my english and i´m new with Palo and some points are not clear for me from/with documentation, what i can do or better don´t do!!

      Is it possible to add a new element or attribute in an allready existing cube or have i import the "old" cube to a new one include a new attribute/element?

      for the new element i want to set a standard value and want to change it later per dropdown. I don´t use a relational DB only imported some csv to the Palo DB

      thx for help
      Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

      you can't add dimensions to an existing cube. You need to export your values and destroy/recreate the cube. You can add attributes, but OLAP-attributes! The nomenclature is a little bit different in the OLAP world. Check the manuals to understand what is meant with "attribute" in PALO.

      Standard values for a dimension can be set in subsets. Not quite clear what you are asking here.