Break Back / automatization

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  • Break Back / automatization

    I like to used a break back functionality in Palo OLAP to spread consolidate element into child elements. My idea is:
    has a 2 different cubes one with hierarchy ( day / hour/ like: Total_day (C-level)/ 01, 02. ..... 24/ - base elements) )and second cube only flat / Number ( A)

    and now I like to use rule: ['Total_day', 'A'] =C:['A'] and then the number A will be spread accordingly (base on profile for day)

    how can I get this kind of result ? any idea hot to do this ?
  • Hi,

    when accessing cells of other cube, you have to use PALO.DATA. It does the mapping form one dimension to another based on element names if these names are identical. If the names are different, but source element name can be generated from target element name you can use text functions to generate it. If the source name is not generic, you can use define attribute in target dimension and store source element name for each target element there.
    The best would be to put few element names from both dimensions here + names of dimensions + structure definition of both cubes.

  • there are several options depends when do you want to transfer the data
    1. if you want to do it in real time when source data changes you can use SVS and use php api to either use standard splashing in target cube or something more complicated.
    2. batch transfer - create sheet that uses PALO.DATA(C) to read values from flat cube and PALO.SETDATA with result of PALO.DATA as parameter to splash to target hierarchical cube. This supports standard splashing algorithms. If you want to do something more complex write macro in php. This can work for relatively small areas that fits on the sheet.

    hope this helped