Values for Consolidated Elements for Rule based Field is Wrong

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    • Values for Consolidated Elements for Rule based Field is Wrong

      Hi All,

      I have this weird error where my consolidated value is smaller than my base values when another dimension in the cube is consolidated. The rule for my cube is given below and the image attachment shows the result of my Paste View

      ['JONO11019', '81NO11031', 'Allocated USD'] = ['JONO11019', '2010.41', 'Total EQUSD'] * PALO.DATA("TUCN", "FLR", "J.02", "JV Onshore") * PALO.DATA("TUCN", "SKFPlanCube", !'Years', !'Months', "NG7113OPX115X", "NS0095", !'Versions') * -1

      If this rule applies to all elements, why is it that a consolidated Allocated USD value for 2010.9902 (-5,895.46) is smaller than the Allocated USD for its base element 81NO11031 (-70,745.48 )

      To throw more light on my formular, this factor PALO.DATA("TUCN", "FLR", "J.02", "JV Onshore") is a constant while PALO.DATA("TUCN", "SKFPlanCube", !'Years', !'Months', "NG7113OPX115X", "NS0095", !'Versions') varies with the months and so does ['JONO11019', '2010.41', 'Total EQUSD']. These 3 factors are multiplied and assigned to the source in the formular. Problem is the formular works well when individual months are chosen and doesn't when the consolidation of ALL the months is chosen.

      Can anyone help with this?
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    • Hello Kratzer,

      I did the calculation only on the base level and consolidation was okay, however, the base level calculation was wrong.

      If this rule applies to base elements alone, I will get the value of -5,895.46 instead of -70,745.48 for the 81NO11031 element for Allocated USD values.

      I am thinking that PALO.DATA("TUCN", "SKFPlanCube", !'Years', !'Months', "NG7113OPX115X", "NS0095", !'Versions') element of the calculation uses the monthly value of 0.0467 instead of the consolidation for all the months 0.56 (0.0467 x 12) when calculation is done for base elements only and this leads to the wrong calculation for the 81NO11031 element.

      Thanks for all your help and hope we can clarify this.
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