connection palo to external DBMS

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  • connection palo to external DBMS

    Hi palo ,

    i want to ask a question put i need a specific answer please because i was searching about that and i didn't find specific direct answer .

    I have installed Palo community edition suite version Release: ,Can i use palo olap with Mysql star schema to generate Palo analyze reports ?
    or with other RDBMS ?

    If i cant , is there any work around for that ?
  • i tried to connect to mysql database ,, its a star schema ,, but i cant select my connection to mysql in drop down box when im trying to extract ,unless i use the extract type as relational but its ok ,, the problem is i need to write a select statement for each table and load each table in separate extraction .. and its also ok .. but is that the right way for now ?? if i need to connect to mysql i need to choose relational extraction and load each table separable then i will go to the next step ?
  • Hi palo ,

    im following the steps on ETL so i can load my data from MYSQL Star schema database
    into palo so i can creat olap reports .

    1- first step i create the connection type mysql.
    2- extract the data (from my cube and dimensions) using relational type in (ETL EXTRACT)
    3- when im trying to load data again in the palo dimension and cube using (ETL LOAD load) i choose type cube or dimension and the source is the cube or dimension that i used to extract in the step 2
    but i can't choose the connection name from the drop down menu and it fails .

    and after that i want to use this data from etl in Palo olap report but when i start palo opal reprt document it pop up a window says choose a cube o dimention from connection list
    but there is always localhost and palo connection , so if my steps in palo ETL works how i can use it the palo reports according to the restrict option for choosing the connection when creating new palo analyze report .

    i think palo team should create documentation for how to connect palo with external DB like( mysql ) step by step .. i cant find any sufficient document in the internet about this topic
  • Hi,

    rami wrote:

    i can't choose the connection name

    In a load, you have to chose the target connection. This can only be a connection of type "Palo". Did you create such a connection?

    rami wrote:

    i think palo team should create documentation for how to connect palo with external DB

    There is a lot of documentation available. You should first try to find out what Palo is and then how to use the ETL Server...

  • yeh i think you are right ,, i need to read more about palo ,, i didn't thought that i need to use palo connection to be as target connection if im using my db ,, i think i got gap of information here
    .. thanks alot for ur help :)

    any way about the document i agree that there is alot of documents ,but i couldn't find a specific document that showing step by step how to do the whole process exactly :)

    do u mind if u have such document to share it or to drop a link ..

    if there is not ,when i solve my case i will right the steps dwon and i will share it here

    thanks again
  • Hi,

    you can check the Excel Add-In manual, although not ETL related, it show's how to build a Palo Database.

    rami wrote:

    when i solve my case i will right the steps dwon and i will share it here

    that would be great.

    rami wrote:

    if u have such document to share

    We have training documents for that purpose, which we only use for our clients. Sorry.

  • Have you logged in as Admin user- If so then its impossible for you not to find modeler under Palo addin for Excel, You can also check the Palo Web - Modeler should be there else you went wrong in your installation.

    Invest some time in reading existing documents:
    It would be also a good idea you read some basics on OLAP especially MOLAP technology - wiki it up.
    Then read Palo OLAP /ETL pdf - it has sufficient information on building dimensions, cubes & how to load them from data source - in your case rdbms.

    We would be happy to help you in specific technical questions.
    There is no shortcut here.

    Best regards,
  • actually yes i have logged in as admin user and there is no modeller for palo .. i installed the palo suite version 3.2
    and i can't find it and i install it without error ,, is that the problem ?.. i have a good knowledge in olap and molap and data warehouse design

    but the problem between me and palo .. and how i create the database i cant find any option or modeller tab so i can create a new database .

    can u give me a link to a stable open source version and when i install it got all of the options ..

    i install my version from here and i choose Palo Suite 3.2 - Community Windows
    i got 2 exe files one for excel and i didn't install cuz im not using excel and i install the other exe for palo olap etl .. etc and there is no modeller

    im asking a technical questions u tell me to build the database and i told u i have no option to build it ,, how i can i solve that , i give u my version that i installed try to install it and see by ur self that there is no modeller tab ,, that's my problem now
  • i think you are talking about commercial version not open source version ..
    because you tell me to read and my question is i cant build the database because i don't have the modeler tab ... i give you the version that i installed without error and i didn't get that options ..

    may be u can advice me which version to install ,, a GPL one that u tried before

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  • Hello Rami,
    I usually install the all in one version and then the excel addin, if you download the 3.2 community all in one you will get 2 files, All in one and setup.
    Install the all in one and then the setup - for excel.

    I am not sure if the Palo version you used has an option during installation to "disable the modeler & import wizzard" , see attached screenshot.
    If by chance you selected that option then your excel addin will not show Modeler.

    Hope it helps!

    Best regards,
    • disable_excel_addin_feature.jpg

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  • exactly i use the same ,, and i got 2 files one for install and for excel add in .. i didn't get any options to disable o enable any thing :S ... i will try again and again ...
    is there any chance that i got disable for this option automatically for some reason ??

    thanks any way alot for all of you guys
  • Hello Rami,

    I use both community edition 3.2 and premium edition 4 SR1 for my projects.

    First off - Install the Palo Excel Addin , In option choose advanced, then on the next pages you will see these options
    - Disable Modeler - Checkbox
    - Disable Data import wizzard - Checkbox.


    You can also use modeler when connected to Palo Web.

    Palo without Modeler is like a Gun without bullets.

    Best regards,