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  • Add new User in PALO


    I would like to add my a new users and groups in my palo DB. I want these users have restricted rights on my DB also. I have read the PALO documentation palo_for_excel_advanced_topics.pdf . I saw that in paste view default users. From the modeler i saw that the users are kept as Attribute in the System DB. I tried add a new Attribute etc, but how do i add the Description etc. DO i need to update it using PALO Excel function?.

    Is there any simple document which will help me understand .I am using PALO Excel 3.2
  • If you want to use the simple way i.e to Paste View and edit user rights then refer to jedox-olap-server-4-manual.pdf which can be downloaded from Jedox website

    and check on pages 24 onwards, its pretty straight forward and will be the same valid steps your palo version.

    This will interest some people on this forum, you can also use functions to do the same:


    function addFxThomas()
    PALO_EAdd("LOCALHOST/DEMO", "#_USER_", "s", "fxthomas", "", 1, False);
    PALO_SetData("fxthomas", False, "LOCALHOST/DEMO", "#_USER_USER_PROPERTIES", "fxthomas", "userName");
    PALO_SetData("fx Thomas", False, "LOCALHOST/DEMO", "#_USER_USER_PROPERTIES", "fxthomas, "fullname");
    PALO_SetData("SKYFALL IS BAD MOVIE", False, "LOCALHOST/DEMO", "#_USER_USER_PROPERTIES", "fxthomas", "description");
    PALO_SetData("MYPASSWORD", False, "LOCALHOST/DEMO", "#_USER_USER_PROPERTIES", "fxthomas", "password");

    If you want to use VBA instead, then for functions replace PALO_ to PALO. i.e PALO_EAdd equvalent in excel is PALO.EADD

    Hope it helps!

    Best regards,


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  • I would just recommend to use the right function to change users password using specialized function rather than write it directly to #_USER_USER_PROPERTIES cube. In this case the password is stored in hashed form. Direct writing of password into #_USER_USER_PROPERTIES could be disabled in next versions. Look for functions like palo_change_user_password - depends on what API you are using.