IP Addresses list checking for validity

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  • IP Addresses list checking for validity

    Hi Guys ,
    I having a issue here that IP Address Checking Screen should content:
    1. Text Area for System User to paste the list of IP Addresses. Comma “,” should be the only delimiter between 2 IP Addresses.
    2. 2 buttons which are:
    a. Validate – upon clicks on the button, system will check whether the IP Address(es) have been registered with a valid SCC.
    b. Reset – to reset the Text Area to empty.

    Is there an example for the coding which ip addresses can included comma '.'? :(

    here i have array example but its not working for me

    PHP Source Code

    1. foreach ($returnStats['listener'] as $listener)
    2. {
    3. $listeners['LISTENERS'] = array(
    4. 'HOSTNAME' => (string) $listener->HOSTNAME,
    5. 'USERAGENT' => (string) $listener->USERAGENT,
    6. 'CONNECTTIME' => (string) $listener->CONNECTTIME,
    7. 'POINTER' => (string) $listener->POINTER,
    8. 'UID' => (string) $listener->UID,
    9. );
    10. echo $listeners['LISTENERS']['HOSTNAME'];
    11. }
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  • Your question makes very less sense.

    If you are looking a way in Php to make your comma list of IPs into array of values, then take a look at PHP explode function

    If you want to get values from rdbms matching your criteria then in your SQL statement concatinate your IN Clause.

    BTW - your question is non PALO related one and more like "how to code in language"

    Best regards,
  • This forum is for Palo related questions and discussions.
    If you have general PHP related queres not concerning Palo, better check it on PHP forums. They have a whole community dedicated towards it.

    Although we are happy to offer you help on those subjects but our views might be limited.

    For sure you can raise threads wherever you like in whatever topic :)

    Bad mouthing will only reduce your chances to get answers in future.

    Best regards,
  • You cant accept other people judge you and you take it as bad mouthing? that's your problem.. not mine problem. Do you think here's the only forum i can get answer? please don't expect your professional that "only" you can make everything perfect and only you the one who can answer all the question.. You are just a noob compare to others. Your views and your chances to answer limited is non my business. Chances and face is people giving you , please don't spoil your images by talking crap with me
  • Hi guys,

    the question posted here has no connection to the Jedox / Palo Suite, but instead is general question regarding coding, and as such is out of scope for this board. The "best practices" board is meant for questions and discussions regarding practices within or directly connected to the Jedox / Palo Suite. Thus I'm closing this thread.