palo analyzer with mondrian olap

      palo analyzer with mondrian olap


      I want to use the palo analyzer connect to the mondrian olap,I download the software and deploy it refer to the installation

      ,then input "http://localhost:8080/Palo-Analyzer" in ie,but I can't log in by admin/admin

      and to connect to the mondrian olap,how should I do,it whether has some documentation, thanks!

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      Oops I am wrong, you can use jpalo's analyzer and deploy the war file into webapp folder of tomcat.
      Restart the tomcat . Navigate to palo analyzer url.

      Under connections you can configure apart from Palo - Mondrian,SAP-BW,MSAS olap databases.
      And yes you can use mondrian as source They have given example connection.

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      Have you downloaded the installation files from Jpalo website - ?

      When you login your url should be similar to below:
      - IP:Your tomcat port/Palo-Analyzer.

      - In past have you tried to install other version of Palo-Analyzer if so then you would need to cleanup your relavent tomcat directories.

      when you try to login as admin/admin - what error message you get?

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      This is a HACK!

      The Palo Analyzer maintains its metadata in HSQLDB metadata database.
      Login using a JDBC SQL cilent software or a custom java code.

      jdbcDriver = org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver
      jdbcURL = jdbc:hsqldb:file:C:/paloSQLMetaData_wpalo/MetaData
      user =sa
      password field is empty

      You can find the HSQLDB jdbc library under tomcat\webapps\Palo-Analyzer\WEB-INF\lib\hsqldb_1.8.1.1.jar

      update users set password='ISMvKXpXpadDiUoOSoAfww==' where login='admin';

      This will reset the password for 'admin' user as 'admin'
      Restart the Tomcat server;

      Now you can use admin user to login with admin as password.

      Hope it helps!

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      Well connection to Mondrian could be done but its single hierarchy support, also Palo Analyzer is not free.
      Palo Analyzer's advantage is the writeback support on Palo Cubes.
      I would prefer Saiku analytics(it has a writeback-even distribution, through query scenario for palo) any day over palo-analyzer, but that's me;

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