Palo server version

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  • Palo server version

    Good day!

    Is there any convinient way to distinguish to which version of Palo we are connected? I do see /server/info api call, and that gives us future; but currenly i need to find the viable solution to find out version of palo (1.0c vs 1.5) via legacy interface

    Why do i ask about - I ran already into the problem when 1.5 and 1.0 behaves differently, and I want to eliminate that difference in my middle-tier. During getDataExport calls in case of 1.0 options.last_coordinates (in c-api terms) are supposed to be first elements to be exported, while in 1.5 they are supposed to be exported already and exporting starts from next combination. 1.5 behavior looks even more correct for me, but it DIFFERS from previous, and, consequently, unexpectable. I wouldn't mind if you keep that difference - but, please, answer me how to catch version number...