PALO Drill Through

      PALO Drill Through


      I have a problem of clearing the Drill Through Data.

      How could I clear a slice of the cube' drillthrough data instead of the whole cube?

      I am using persisted drillthrough and internal database...

      I could only manage to clear the drill through data by using 'update' mode in the Load process.

      But it then clears all the cube data..

      I try to use 'Cube Slice' in the Extract process as per the example given but it only clears the value in the cube but does not clear the drillthrough data.

      thanks for your help in advance,

      Hi Li,

      actually a cubeslice should delete also the drill-through data (i did it recently)

      you have to put your cubeslice extract in a load component and set the load mode to delete. It should do the trick


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