Palo Cube as Excel Pivot

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  • Palo Cube as Excel Pivot

    Hello Community,

    this is my first appearance here and i would like to say hello to everyone before i get to my problem. So: Hello everyone ;)

    I am currently looking into using Palo as our BI-Solution. Therefore i want it to extract data from a MySql Server , transform it and then load everything into an olap-cube. Afterwards i would like to access the cube via excel as a pivot connection (as with MsAnalysis Cubes).
    I use Palo 4.0 without the Palo for Excel, since i dont want to use Palo in Excel merely access the created Cube as an external datasource for Pivots.

    So whats my Question: Is that possible, and if it is, how can i achieve it?

    I hope i considered at least some of the forum rules and i hope that anyone out there can help me.

  • After rereading my post, i think it might not be 100% obvious what i am actually looking for...
    The ETL-Process works fine for me and my only problem (so far...) is to be able to access the generated Cubes via Excel-Pivot external Datasource.

    I tryed to find the Cube-File but I couldn't find any. I used icCube and Ms Analysis Server before, where that was an easy task to do.

    Thanks again for your consideration,
  • Hi,

    the "Standard" way of displaying views of the OLAP Cube with excel addin is by using the "Paste View" dialogue in Jedox Ribbon. It will display you cube data in a way that's quite similar to standard Pvot Tables.

    If you want to use Excel's built-in Pivot table functionality, as you described, you will need to install the "3rd Party Access (ODBO / XMLA)" component of Jedox Suite as well. For this you'll need the full Jedox Suite Setup, it's not included in the Jedox for Excel setup.

    Details can be found in the Setup Manual and 3rd party manual, both available on the homepage.
  • Thanks for your answer Dominik,

    unfortunately i found out, that i am not able to design Cubes via the Community Edition and I dont think my Company has the funds to buy the Jedox Suite.
    This probably cancels any further engagement with Palo I guess. Thats a Pity though, I actually like the ETL and Cubedesign Palo / Jedox offered.
  • Thanks a lot Konrad,

    i reinstalled the Palo Suite and was trying to start the etl service in the websuite. Unfortunately the "service ist not available". I had this error before as well, but after changing my JAVA Path and running the apache Server it worked. Somehow it doesnt work now. Unfortunately, all information regarding this problem only involves the 2 aforementioned aspects to solve the problem.
    If anyone has another Idea of whats wrong i would be pleased to hear from you :)

  • Ok,
    i ran the tomcat service from the command line and it stated that my Java_home is not defined correctly - that it should point to either JDK or JRE.
    I have jdk1.7.0_03 and jre7. I tryed the path with both directories \bin but still the same error. But as I said it already worked before. I am confused....
    I use a 64bit version of Java - don't know if that matters.
    I also have XAMPP on my Pc with which i can run the apache server - not sure if that helps either...
    I use Windows 7 btw.

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