Integrate jedox 4.0 and R (Rscript) on linux

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    • Integrate jedox 4.0 and R (Rscript) on linux


      Im trying to integrate R to a jedox 4.0 install on a linux box. it works fine on a windows install but not on a linux install. can anyone kindly guide me how to do this?


      (Edit: more info)

      R is already installed on my linux server, however a php page within jedox cant access it via shell exec. after some digging around i found out that jedox 4 when ran (/opt/jedox/ps/ chroots itself and "mounts" so technically it has no access to my /usr/bin/Rscript since its locked in its own root which has its own /usr directory.

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    • I would try going via ETL-Server
      the lowest level would be a process to create a text-file from R or Jedox and then import it in R or Jedox

      another approach (have not tried it with the commercial version):
      build your own Palo Server (the cube server) and integrate it in your system e.g. in /opt/local/bin with the data residing in the daemon-user's /home
      the chrooted commercial edition could then connect to your "other" server via http