Jedox File Queries upon dimension change

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  • Jedox File Queries upon dimension change

    I have created a few spreadsheets, but have recently wanted to include an extra dimension. This has meant that the queries I have in all my worksheets needed to be re-written, as far as I could tell. Is the re any way round this?
  • No - there is no way around this;
    Adding dimensions is a major change in modeling, and how your report needs to handle adding this extra dimension needs to be thought about.

    If you are clear about your adding dimension logic, then there is a dirty way -> on report initialize write a php code to query list of dimension, if there are extra dimension
    then handle accordingly in report.

    If your case is when you add new dimension elements - to show them automatically in existing reports then you might want to consider using Dynamic Ranges.

    Best regards,
  • Hi,
    thanks for the reply - this is a pity, as it hinders development a bit. If I have a large amount of reports, and I want to add one bit of information to one of them, I guess this means I'd need to create a new cube for that one report where 90% of the data is common to the already existing one.

    From my point of view, I'm a beginner, so I'm adding dimensions to the cube all the time as I find learn what is possible; every time I want to include something new I either have to modify or abandon all my previous sheets.

    I'm not sure, but I think maybe it might be a good idea to have a default high level aggregation default under every dimension by which all a new dimension can be incorporated into a PALO.DATA call; or for a wrapper function to be able to pass the arguments into the PALO.DATA call by dimension name rather than an argument index (which changes upon dimension changes.)

    Thanks again anyway for your response!