Tough one - Subset on 2 text criteria

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  • Tough one - Subset on 2 text criteria

    Hello all,

    I try to subset using the Data filter, using 2 text criteria, for instance (in Demo db) :

    Subset on Regions

    Products: All Products
    Months: Year
    Years: 2012
    Datatypes: All Datatypes
    Measures: Comment, Comment2 (tagged as strings)
    Criterium: TEXT
    = toto
    = tata

    It gives the following formula:
    =PALO.SUBSET("localhost-linux/Demo";"Regions";1;;;;;PALO.DFILTER(PALO.SUBCUBE("Sales";"All Products";;"Year";"2013";"All Datatypes";{"Comment"."Comment2"});{"="."toto"."="."tata"};;;;6);;PALO.SORT(1;0;;0;;0;1))

    I expect it to return all regions that have "toto" in Comment and "tata" in Comment 2. But this doesn't work. With only one it does work (for instance where Comment="toto"

    I would say that's not possible this way. Any idea ?


    Post hoc, non est propter hoc
  • Obi-wan,

    It tries to match Comment = toto And Comment = tata && Comment2 = toto And Comment2 = tata , which will always be on the dark side...
    You could try to improvise by making Comment1 and Comment2 as seperate subsets and join them in a single IF formula. but this will be costly;