Design template for saving/restoring rules on cube reload?

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    • Design template for saving/restoring rules on cube reload?

      After playing around with rules for the last few weeks, I've noticed that I sometimes forget to reapply my rules on retriggering my cube load ETL.

      Now, I've trained myself to hit the "export" button at the bottom of the rule editor page to make sure I get a saved copy whenever I make rule alterations.

      Does anyone have any best practices/patterns they'd like to share regarding rule management?

      I'm wondering if some people use this pattern:
      0. In ETL manager, create ETL to load your cube. Create job to trigger ETL.
      1. In ETL manager, create a new Extracts -> Files -> Rule: manual definition
      2. Make update to rules in this extract (add/remove/modify).
      3. Add the Extract after your Load task in your cube load job.
      4. Also create a separate job to manually trigger the Extract.
      5. When ever you want to try new rules, you alter the Extract task and run the Extract job.
      6. On running the cube reload job, you automatically get rules applied on reload.

      At least in this case, you get 2 copies of the rules you create (one in the Extract job and one in the cube.) It beats forgetting to take an export before reloading your cube.

      I'm thinking there is also a step 0.5, which is something like inserting an Extract -> Rule : "Extract from cube" task before the Load task in the Load cube job. Probably call that task "Archive cube rules".

      I'm also thinking that it would be nice to stick a hook in one or both places for automatic checkin to subversion/cvs...

      Anyone else have suggestions?
    • Hi Laloune,

      I've been doing a lot of experiments with my cube/dimension design and so have been recreating it every time. (I was under the impression that every time I made major changes to any dimension that I needed to reload the cube from scratch...)

      If/when my schema stabilizes, I agree with you that I won't need to reload my cube. I should be able to just do updates.