Jedox services

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  • Hi,

    there are mainly four services or processes involved in running the Jedox Suite:
    - the OLAP database server ("Jedox OLAP" or "Palo Server"). On Linux, this is the "palo" process, on Windows, the Service is called [Palo|Jedox]MolapServerService
    - the Apache Web Server for Jedox Web, providing the frontend / User interface for Jedox Web (httpd process on Linux, [Palo|Jedox]HttpdServerService on Windows)
    - the Core or Spreadsheet Server, the calculation engine for Jedox Web spreadsheets ("core.bin" process on Linux, [Palo|Jedox]CoreServerService on Windows)
    - the Tomcat Server, providing various Tomcat Servlets (mainly ETL Server and ETL Web-Client, Palo Analyzer, and the Server backend for the Jedox Task Manager). A java process on Linux, [Palo|Jedox]TomcatServerService on Windows.

    On Windows, depending on your installation, you may also see the [Palo|Jedox]Mdx InterpreterService for the 3rd Party / ODBO Connector.