Allow user to write 0 (zero) into cell element

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  • Allow user to write 0 (zero) into cell element

    Hi everyone,

    I've created a user who is allowed to edit data in one certain cube. The user must basically input some numbers.
    These numbers, however, can change - and sometimes the user must reset a number back to 0.
    Unfortunately, a message 'insufficient rights' always appears when he tries to input 0.

    This is an excerpt of the assigned rights of the user's role:
    dimension element=R
    cell element=D

    The user's group can write in the relevant cube (manually set in #_GROUP_CUBE_DATA).

    If I change the group's right to full access for the cube, the user can finally input 0.
    But this also means the user could clear the cube for example. To avoid this I only want to allow him to write.

    Do you have an idea how I can enable the user to write 0 into a cell, without giving him full access to the cube?

    I appreciate your help!
  • Hi Max,

    this is working as designed. The OLAP server does not distinguish between cells that do "not exist" and cells that have the value 0. Basically, entering 0 as value means deleting this cell (from RAM memory, not from the theoretic DB / cube model). Therefor, access right level "D" (for Delete) is required to enter 0 as value.