Formula EADD

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    • Formula EADD

      Hello everyone,

      how could I start the Palo.Eadd Formula in Calc?

      For example the formula is:


      Thevalue is „0“

      Afterpushing „Importfunktionen ausführen“ it shows me the formula
      again and „proceeding all“ leads to nothing; no new Element
      „13periode“ in the modeller...

      for help!
    • You would need to run Palo formulae using

      example, create the below global formula in workbook:
      Public Function Palo_EAdd(pServer As String, pDimension As String, pType As String, pElement As String, pParentElement As String, pWeight As Double, pDelete As Boolean) As Variant
      Dim pExec As String
      pExec = Application.Run("PALO.ENABLE_LOOP", True)
      Palo_EAdd = Application.Run("PALO.EADD", pServer, pDimension, pType, pElement, pParentElement, pWeight, pDelete)
      pExec = Application.Run("PALO.ENABLE_LOOP", False)
      End Function

      and consume it in your worksheet.


      Best regards,