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  • I will use API function for Palo Server in VBA but I don't know if it is possible and which library contains which functions.

    My idea is:
    Declare Function getdata Lib "libpalo.dll" (libpalo_err *err, struct arg_palo_value *result, struct sock_obj *so, struct conversions *convs, const CHAR_T *database, const CHAR_T *cube, const struct arg_str_array coordinates)

  • RE: API in VBA

    Originally posted by Stephanie
    Hi vesi,

    Do you want to use VBA or VB?
    Do you need more functions than offered in Excel?


    Hello Mrs. Endlich :)
    I would love to use VBA, whereas I can still use API functions in VB, when attaching libraries....
    And yes, I miss a lot of functions in the Excel. F.e. in the treeview I can't show the attributes of the elements; if I use drilldown, that I had to create, because whenever I tried to choose more then one hierarchy on one sheet view, than when I drilldown on the first of them than the second one is overwritten. so therefore I'm using my own and so on...

    Petr Veselý
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