How to generate ETL Project Documentation?

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    • How to generate ETL Project Documentation?

      Hi, can someone please help me?
      The document "Whats new 5.0" at page 19


      "1.5.3 Generate Project Documentation
      As of 5.0 it is possible to create project documentation for any ETL project. It contains the alphabetical
      list of all components with type, descriptions and references. The graphical flow graph of a user specified
      list of jobs of this project can be included in the documentation. It's possible to navigate inside of the
      project documentation to referencing components."

      anyone know how to generate such documentation?

      thanks in advance
    • The closest thing I found to that is the little "file" save icon on the top of every flow graph.

      E.g. Open up sampleBiker -> Jobs -> Standard -> Cubedata

      Click on "Flow Graph"

      On the popup, click on little file icon on top right.

      You'll get an .svg file which you can embed in other documentation. Problem with the .svg is that its links are broken (if you click on "Connection: File CustomerRegions_file" you'll see it refers to an localhost/... link)

      Don't know if that's what they meant...
    • In 5.0 it is done via CLI interface (further integration into Web interface will follow). Try out etlclient -pd <projectName> -j <jobName> -o <outputDir>. Use Web Browser to open and navigate etldocumentation.html.
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    • Ah! Thanks Vladislav! Just tried it with sample biker...

      $ ./tomcat/client/ -pd sampleBiker -j Cubedata -o /tmp/web
      2013-05-15 13:48:12,072 INFO [main] ( - Options: -pd sampleBiker -j Cubedata -o /tmp/web
      2013-05-15 13:48:16,400 INFO [main] ( - Documentation for project sampleBiker was generated successfully. To view the documentation, please open the file "etldocumentation.html" in a browser.

      Looks interesting... I guess this suggests I really need to add better "Descriptions" to my ETLs...
    • generating documentation fails: missing class com.mxgraph.uti.mxUtils

      I'm using a standard installation of Jedox Suite 5 on 64-bit Linux (including the add-on installation Jedox OLAP 64-bit Linux Pack 5).
      Following the steps indicated to generate documentation and the flow graph, I get the following error:

      root:/opt/jedox/ps# ./tomcat/client/ -pd sampleBiker -j Cubedata -o tmp_sampleBiker
      2013-06-27 14:17:01,190 INFO [main] ( - Options: -pd sampleBiker -j Cubedata -o tmp_sampleBiker
      2013-06-27 14:17:01,987 ERROR [main] ( - Failed to execute request: Could not initialize class com.mxgraph.util.mxUtils

      It seems that something (at least the class com.mxgrapht.uti.mxUtils) is missing in the installation.
      Any help on how to resolve this would be very much appreciated.
    • kais wrote:

      This class is in this jar:


      does this jar exists under ../etlserver/WEB-INF/lib?

      normally if something is missing, a "class not found" exception is thrown rather than this

      I have the same problem on Linux 64-bit. I found the file in the folder, but the error is not "Class not found", its "Could not initiliaze class"! Maybe some missing dependency to other classes?

      Thx, Dirk
    • Concerning the question:
      "....but would it be possible to display the content of the functions..." ?

      If you are familiar with XSLT you can achieve this yourself. You have to adapt the file "etldoc.xslt" in the output folder of the generated project documentation. It transforms the data from "etldoc.xml" which contains all ETL component settings.