5.0.0: workbook double click to resize columns doesn't work

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  • 5.0.0: workbook double click to resize columns doesn't work

    If I want to auto resize a column (e.g. column Q), I think double-clicking on the separator bar between the column header "Q" and "R" should resize column Q.

    This doesn't work.

    Jedox gives the popup:

    GenericException Error
    Error Data:
    None of the given font-families is available

    (NOTE: this only happens if at least one of the cells in the columns is sufficiently long to require a resize.
  • Hi Vladislav,

    I installed the 64-bit package on top of the 32-bit.

    In my core-Linux-i686/var/fonts directory, I can see arial.ttf
    In my core-Linux-x864/var/fonts directory, I don't have any .ttf files.

    And my etc/font_config.xml file looks like this:

    $ more core-Linux-i686/etc/font_config.xml
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <font_setting xmlns="http://www.jedox.com/jedox/wss" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
    <font_list >
    <font font_name="Arial"/>
    <font font_name="Arial Black"/>
    <font font_name="Calibri"/>
    <font font_name="Comic Sans MS"/>
    <font font_name="Courier New"/>
    <font font_name="Garamond"/>
    <font font_name="Georgia"/>
    <font font_name="Lucida Console"/>
    <font font_name="Lucida Sans"/>
    <font font_name="Palatino Linotype"/>
    <font font_name="Tahoma"/>
    <font font_name="Times New Roman"/>
    <font font_name="Trebuchet MS"/>
    <font font_name="Verdana"/>
    <dpi default_dpi="96"/>
    <font_path font_path="var/fonts"/>
    <key_val key="font-size" val="10"/>
    <key_val key="font-family" val="arial"/>
    <key_val key="font-style" val="normal"/>
    <key_val key="font-weight" val="normal"/>