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  • manual use of palo.eadd

    Hi All,

    I've set up dimensions for my database (eight in all) and now I'm trying to add elements manually with eadd. I have a list of the elements in Excel and I'm trying to add a formula to add it to the database. I don't want to go through all the trouble of using the wizard since the list is not very long (but just long enough that I don't want to type each one!)

    Here's how I've set up the formula:

    PALO.EADD ("localhost/Financials","Categories","n",C2,"Categories",1,FALSE)

    I want the formula to look at C2 and add the contents to the dimension "Categories" and to be a child of "Categories". Then I'll copy the formula down to add the contents in cell D2, E2, F2, etc.

    I've already added the dimension and the consolidated element.

    Thanks for your help!