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    • Target Cube Name


      I will be grateful if you could lend me some help.

      I'm trying to create my first OLAP cube but I have some difficults.

      I'm having problems during de Cube Loading using the ETL Manager in Palo Web.
      Palo ETL Server Version:
      Palo ETL Web Client Version:

      I have done the conexions, some extracts and transforms and, as a result, I have a table source with this colums:
      Cost Center Code
      Area Line Code
      Area Line Description
      Product Line Code
      Product Line Description
      Product Code
      Product Description
      Measures (Sales, Costs, Margins)
      #Value (created from the Normalization Mode)

      Also I have created and loaded the dimensions before trying to load the cube:
      Cost Center

      The error is: java.rmi.RemoteException.

      Probably it was because I have not Target Cube Name. But I can not understand what is that.

      Could you tell me where is the problem? What is the Target Cube Name and why I have not any item in this field? Where do I complete them?

      I would really appreciate any help in this matter.

      Lots of thanks.


      (I write you from Chile although I'm spanish. Excuse any mistake, please.)
    • I'm assuming you're only interested in the dimensions (Year, Month, Cost Center, Products, Datatypes and Measures).

      Try creating your cube using the OLAP Manager view on the WebGUI. Creating a cube creates the definition of the cube but doesn't populate it with any data.

      Once you've created your cube, you can load it with the ETL Load job (specifying your newly created cube as the target.) I don't think Palo/Jedox will create cubes on the fly.