Default Cube View(s)

    Default Cube View(s)

    When comparing the product to TM1 i'm certainly missing the possibility to save views from a cube.

    You can save any view of the cube data for quick access in the future. Each cube can have one view named Default. A cube’s Default view automatically displays when you open the cube again.
    Testing, in trial mode.
    Hi homebunny,

    i do not know TM1 very well ; on which client is there such a functionnality ? In Excel ?

    as Jedox has no native heavy client then I do not see how such a feature could work...

    what do you mean by "opening" the cube ? From my point of view you do not "open" a cube, you access the data that is stored in this cube

    but maybe i'm mistaken


    Post hoc, non est propter hoc
    Hi Laloune,

    If you compare Jedox to TM1, then the 'PASTE VIEW' functionality has in TM1 2 ways for doing this:
    1. Using the server explorer you can view a cube 'view', to see your cube data with saved rows/columns/header, or start with a new view, were you can drag and drop rows/colums/header, from the cube viewer. You can slice this 'view' to excel. This has the same result as Jedox Paste View
    2. Using the 'In spreadsheet browser' this is a button on the excel toolbar were you can choose the cube and optionally a view. This has the same result as Jedox Paste View

    The advantage is of course that you only need to select the rows/colums/header and elements once, what is handy for larger models.

    Or course you are not mistaken :),
    With wording 'opening a cube' a meant viewing the cube, but the word viewing was a bit odd in my text :)

    Testing, in trial mode.