Cell updates are not registered until *after* button click events

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  • Cell updates are not registered until *after* button click events

    Try the following, create a new web spreadsheet.

    In C2, create the label "Type text in cell D2"
    Use Tools -> Form Elements -> Button to put a button anywhere on the spreadsheet.
    Right click on the button and attach the following macro to it:

    function Show_Click ()
    return __msgbox("The value of D2 is ".activesheet()->range("D2")->value,'Info','Info');

    Now try the following. In cell D2, type "hello world".
    Now click on the button.

    The message box will display "The value of D2 is ". You will not see "hello world".

    If you click on the button a second time, you will see "The value of D2 is hello world".

    The reason for this is cells only persist their contents after being deselected, e.g. after another cell is selected or some other event which causes deselection.

    Jedox dev team, until this problem is fixed, is there any way to persist the results of a spreadsheet before the macro for a button click is invoked?

    I noticed this because I'm implementing versioning in Jedox (using a button to trigger the saving of a version and promoting a new set of values to "current"). If I don't deselect all of the attributes for a record, I notice that the saved version sometimes has a value different from the value displayed on the screen...