PHP: palo_init()

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    • PHP: palo_init()

      Hi, i am using php client library for palo 5.0.

      I open a connection using the function palo_init(). I have seen examples where checking for success connection was implemented by call is_resource() php function. For example:

      Source Code

      1. $connection = palo_init($host, $port, $user, $pass);if (!is_resource($connection)) {throw new Exception("Connection error");}

      But when I call function palo_init() it returns a string, not a resource. This is result of var_dump($connection):
      string(40) "aaec27b900f77b7b50fe3319faae8dab3ea05e2e"

      And I cannot check connection by is_resource function.

      This is normal return value for palo_init function? This function not retrurn a resource?