Distribution of Palo Excel model to Users without Admin Rights

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  • Distribution of Palo Excel model to Users without Admin Rights


    I apologize, if this was discussed already or is well documented, but I have not found the answer yet.

    The scenario is that I want to establish Palo as an easy-to-use tool in the company. Accessing the database through Excel is a good thing. However, the Palo for Excel add-in is installed via a *.exe file, which requires Admin rights on the computer. Almost no one in my company has those rights. That means, to install the add-in as-is, it's a large effort on the part of IT. One differentiator of this solution gone.

    However, I do not need users to be able to manipulate the database or model. Just accessing and entering data through the pre-defined Excel sheet would be enough. I may be wrong, but I do remember that perhaps in an earlier version, Palo was installed through a *.xlam file. This could probably be done by non-admins as well.

    Is there still an option to distribute my Palo model with a simple add-in that the user can install himself? Or am I stuck with planning a large IT initiative?

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  • Hi Ruedi,

    according to what I know, using the .exe installer has always been necessary since version 2.5 and I cannot figure out another way; during the installation several components (dll, COM, etc) are created and registered, all things that normally require admin privileges and I hardly see a way to do manually.
    Interesting question though...

    Best regards,
  • Wäre es möglich das Palo Add-In v. 2.5 mit dem Server 3.2 zu verwenden? Und wo bekäme man noch das Palo Add-In in der Version 2.5 her?

    Sorry, better stay with English: Would it be possible to use the old Palo Add-In v 2.5 with the new Palo Server 3.2? And where would one go to get the old add-in?

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  • Yes, English is definitely better since I don't understand German :)

    I suppose 2.5 add-in should work with 3.2 (that I'd better define "the most recent OS edition", because version 5 is actually the new), maybe you can find it, but I don't know if it is still available browsing here: jedox.com/en/jedox-downloads/jedox-software-archive.html .
    Moreover 2.5 too works with an .exe installer...

    In case you could not find it on jedox site and you still need it please drop me a PM and I'll upload it somewhere and then send you the link,

    have a nice time,
  • From the setup guide in version 5 (page 21):

    Silent Setup for automated software distribution
    For automatic setup repetition, you can record the setup execution e.g. with this the following command:
    C:\Downloads\Jedox_Suite_version.exe /SAVEINF="C:\config.inf"
    For a proper recording you have to run setup in mode “Advanced”.
    Please use absolute paths for the recording and subsequent silent setup call.
    Each Jedox setup version needs a new record of the setup execution.
    Please order at Jedox Sales or at support@jedox.com a license for the silent setup and add after
    receiving the following lines in the file config.inf:
    Client=your name
    Company=your company
    Testing, in trial mode.