Jedox/Palo without OLAP Server?

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  • Jedox/Palo without OLAP Server?

    Hi Jedox!
    I am new to Jedox and have just installed the Demo version, and imported some of my data.
    Now I have a noob-ish question on the general concept of Jedox:
    Is it possible to run "just" the visualization / web GUI part of Jedox without the Jedox OLAP Server? I.e. without importing anything via Jedox ETL, connecting the analysis part directly to my DB (MySQL in this case)? Such that the reports get created by DB access?
    The reason for this is that I use Jedox for visualization and dashboards for a single DB application, so replication to another DB (in this case the in-memory Jedox OLAP Server) seems redundant to me. Also, this is a real-time application where I want to visualize real time data - if that means pressing "refresh" on the browser of the dashboard page.
    Is this possible?
    Thank you, best regards,
  • Hi,

    you can query data from ODBC sources in Jedox Web spreadsheets, either "on its own" (see "Paste ODBC Query" in the "Tools" menu), or for example in a DynaRange. Manual contains detailed information.

    However, Jedox Web does require OLAP Server to be installed to store internal Meta information etc, even if you don't want to use any "transactional" databases.