Line and Column chart

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  • Try Report Manager -> Demo Reports -> Bikers Best -> Bikers Best Navigation

    And click on Report -> Suc. P&L (Waterfall)

    Which you'll alfo find under File Manager -> Demo Spreadsheets -> Demos -> Bikers Best -> Workbooks -> Profit & Loss (Waterfall)

    BTW, these are recent additions to Jedox 5.0. I don't remember if they're available in Palo 3.2.
  • I was interested in how this is done. Here's what I've found out so far.

    If you look in: ps/storage/h1-Demos/n20-Bikers+Best/n21-Workbooks, you'll find the n21-Workbooks$ view n39-Profit+&+Loss+(Waterfall).wss file.

    If you open the file with emacs, it will say its a "Zip Archive" and will show you 12 files:

    M Filemode Length Date Time File
    - ---------- -------- ----------- -------- ----------------------------------------
    -rw-rw-rw- 360 00:00:00 xl/worksheets/_rels/sheet1.xml.rels
    -rw-rw-rw- 67563 00:00:00 xl/embeddings/embeddedObjectsheet1.xml
    -rw-rw-rw- 42627 00:00:00 xl/worksheets/sheet1.xml
    -rw-rw-rw- 1425 00:00:00 xl/workbook.xml
    -rw-rw-rw- 7077 00:00:00 xl/styles.xml
    -rw-rw-rw- 6226 24-Jun-2013 13:09:12 xl/embeddings/embeddedObjectWorkbook.xml
    -rw-rw-rw- 1094 00:00:00 xl/sharedStrings.xml
    -rw-rw-rw- 1151 00:00:00 [Content_Types].xml
    -rw-rw-rw- 363 00:00:00 docProps/core.xml
    -rw-rw-rw- 242 00:00:00 docProps/app.xml
    -rw-rw-rw- 568 00:00:00 xl/_rels/workbook.xml.rels
    -rw-rw-rw- 590 00:00:00 _rels/.rels
    - ---------- -------- ----------- -------- ----------------------------------------
    129286 12 files

    Look in embeddedObjectWorkbook.xml and you'll see a reference to "require "chartdir/phpchartdir.php"" disguised as

    PHP Source Code

    1. <vt_string>require(&quot;chartdir/phpchartdir.php&quot;);
    along with the chartdir license key.

    You can play around with the WaterFall function.

    Try this:

    Change line 59 from

    Source Code

    1. $color = 0xFF0000;


    Source Code

    1. $color = 0xFF8000;

    Save the .wss file and try reloading the Profit & Loss (Waterfall) and the red lines change to orange. Just remember, if you open any sheet up using the web UI and save it, it will overwrite any changes you make. (Jedox team can probably confirm that user functions injected into these files will not survive worksheet saves.)

    You can find the phpchartdir.php file here: htdocs/app/lib/chartdir/phpchartdir.php
    The DLL it loads is here: core-Linux-*/php_extensions/phpchartdir530.dll

    Here's the chartdir homepage:

    And here are the chartdir docs:

    Gee. That was fun. Be sure to tell us what you end up developing using this library and how you get around these issues.

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  • Geez guys thanks a lot for the information. I will have a steep learning curve with learning PHP. I did see the waterfall example and from your advise, found where the PHP code was used to modify the chart. To be honest, I wasn't able to see the code through the .wss file and from what I can read, the same thing can be done by modifying the macro. Hopefully, I will not have to do anything through the .wss. At the moment, my task is to create a chart that combines a line graph with a column chart. As well, I need to include a third axis from which the line will be measured against. If you guys have an example, that would be great, if not, I will chug along and keep trying.Once again, thanks a lot.