Jedox 5.0 with data in SQL Express 2008R2

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  • Jedox 5.0 with data in SQL Express 2008R2

    Hi I downloaded the version jedox suite 5, free edition, because I want to use the Excel tool, I have our data in a SQL Express 2008R2, can we connect the Excel tool, with this SQL version?

    Additionally, Do I need to run the file that I downloaded to install the Excel tool? Because it is a 300Mb file..or do you now if exist an smallest file only for excel?

    If I install the Jadox's server, DO it have any limitation in database size? Can I execute the queries using SQL language?

    Can I use this version without limitation, or it will expire in 30 days?


  • 1. Jedox is not free. Palo is free. Jedox has a 30 day trial, after which it will expire.
    2. Jedox can be used to extract data from a SQL database in the ETL process. But Jedox itself is not a SQL database. It is a NoSQL, cube database.
    3. No you cannot execute SQL queries in Jedox. You need to do something called slicing.
    4. The smaller file is the Excel Addin file. The 300 MB one is the Jedox Suite. You do not need the Suite if you are only looking for an Excel Addin

    Please research Jedox properly and obtain a better understanding.