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    • Filter in formula

      Hello everybody,

      is there in Palo for OpenOffice a
      posibility to geht the highest entry back?

      For example if I import an id for each
      entry to make it unique, how could I receive ONLY the max id where
      the amount isn´t zero?

      Dimensions and Elements in the

      ID → 1,2,3,4,5

      Region → South; North

      Import lines:





      Max ID where amount isn´t zero / null:
      3 ← How do I get back only this information?

      Or do I have to view all entries in
      Calc (with zero supression)??

    • As I understand it, you have a need for subset functionality.
      Unfortunatly subsets are not yet implemented in the current version of PalOOCa, but there are plans for supporting them in future releases.

      For now I suggest to define a view in a calc sheet and use calc formulas to display the desired information on a different sheet.