inheritance for cell-based rights.

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    • inheritance for cell-based rights.

      Hi all.

      We are trying to implement a least privileges security policy, our default right is N, so, for every new dimension element, we need to explicity assign the permission to see it to the correspondent groups, we are using the cube #_GROUP_CELL_DATA_< Name of the cube >, the problem is that when we assign the appropiate right at the top most level of every dimension, this right is not inherited to the childs, documentation says "Please use Jedox rules in order to manage inheritance for cell-based rights" but, where? how? we are lost here.

      Thanks to all.
      Best regards.
    • Hi sKrP,

      actually if your goal is to assign the right at the top most level of the dimension, you should do it in the dimension itself. you should use the #_GROUP_CELL_DATA_* cubes only if you want to restrict a dimensions as exceptions.

      I had the case today : in my cube 1 and cube 2 I have a dimension Scenario. in Cube 1 nobody is allowed to write on value "Actual", but in cube 2 yes. I have "D" as default. Then to restrict "Actual" to "R" on the cube 1 I created a rule that states: ['Scenario:Actual']="R"

      hope this is clear and that it helps !

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