Creating reports through PALO

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  • Creating reports through PALO

    Hello All,

    I'm total newbie to Palo. What I'm trying to do is to generate reports through the data I have in MSSQL database. For this purpose i'm trying to use Palo.
    So far i manage to setup Palo for web 3.1 and also manage to start ETL manager, where I manage to create new connection to my database (the TEST returns Successful). But the problem is, i'm not getting the further directions to work, like whether I have to create a cube( and if so, how to create it?).

    Also I searched in forum for tutorials…?page=Thread&threadID=305 and now following the first_steps_with_jedox_for_excel tutorial where i can use the existing cubes.

    I know that i'm too confused here but please bear with me.