Error with COPY and RULES

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    • Error with COPY and RULES

      I have problems using COPY in a consolidated cell, using as input values calculated by rules.

      For example, below, "Subsidio Transporte" is calculated by rule:

      [IMG:<a href=][IMG:]

      Instead of copying the values in the cell above, it displays:


      Now I make the rule that calculates "Subsidio Transporte" INACTIVE.

      I enter the values "500,500,500" manually in "Subsidio Transporte".

      Copy works as expected.

      Now I set the values in "Subsidio Transporte" to 0 again, and make the rule ACTIVE, and try COPY again.

      I get the values "500,500,500"!!

      [IMG:<a href=][IMG:]

      It seems that COPY looks for the values that were originally in the cell, before the rule is applied. This behavior continues even if I use markers in the rule that calculates "Subsidio Transporte".
    • In version 5.0 the copy and like commands written to cell works only with base values. Your rule calculated values cannot be transferred between source and target this way. I already implemented this in version 5.1 that should be released this year. Syntax of the copy/like command will look like this:

      copy withrules "Subsidio Transporte"

      syntax has to be approved and can change before release, look into manual once 5.1 is out. There are other useful features in this cell operations planned for 5.1

      Other option for you in 5.0 would be to use "Splashing wizard". Right mouse click on the cell, select "Splashing Wizard". "Copy/like" operation, on next pane enable rules in source and specify source elements.

      It is not as fast as direct copy command typing, but it work already in 5.0 (tested in Jedox Web client)