trouble with flat file import

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  • trouble with flat file import

    Can anyone suggest why I'm unable to import only the last record in my tab delimited flat .txt file? I have created a tab delimited file of several records as a test case and I use the data import wizard, click "next" and, after the progress bar is fully loaded, I click "finish," but only get the very last record imported. I can't seem to get the other records into Palo.

    Also, can I import all data in one large flat file and then create cubes from that one big file or do I need to import a flat file constructed for each cube that I want in my database?


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  • RE: trouble with flat file import

    I've noticed that I can't let the import run if I have more than one setdata command on the page. If I'm uploading month end balances where each line in the txt file is one data point, I'm fine. When I'm uploading a whole years worth of activity (12 months per line) I get a value error as soon as I hit the "finish" button. (And the data doesn't load).

    If I keep hitting "next" the data loads fine (but I have to rest my mouse finger for about ten minutes after).

    I think it's because palo is recalculating data each time it gets the setdata command. If you have multiple "setdata"s on the sheet it can only do one and you get an error for the others.

  • RE: trouble with flat file import

    I'm using 1.0c so I've hesitated to mention this problem in case it's fixed with 1.5.

    I'm still having trouble importing my flatfile. It works fine if I hit next (about 800 times for one month of data) but as soon as I hit "finish" I get a #value result in my setdata cell.

    Here is the formula:


    On the same page is a vlookup function which converts one of the imported value into an accepted element in Palo. Can this be causing the issue because the setdata has to wait for a calculation before executing? Any other hints?

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    It is possible to execute more than one setdata-function in one Excel sheet.
    If you do so, you have to find a way to set them in order, so Excel is forced
    to execute them this order.

    If you import and some values need a change with the vlookup function it is
    necessary to check, that it all happens in the right order. If the setdata-function
    is executed before the change, it returns an error (#Value). The setdata
    has to be referenced to the vlookup values so it can only be executed by Excel
    if the value has changed. Please have a look on your last entry if that happens
    so in a new text file.

  • RE: trouble with flat file import

    Thanks Stephanie.

    There's only one vlookup on the sheet and one setdata on the sheet so I don't think the order is a problem.

    I have a solution that I can live with though. I click "Next" the first time, then use the tab key until "Next" is highlighted. I then hold my return key down until the whole file imports. No problem.
  • RE: trouble with flat file import

    Hello jgibbs,

    I think your problem occurs because of the formatting of your cells. The import
    wizard can auto-format during the import by clicking 'Next'. This does not
    happen with 'Finish'.
    Please have a look on the Evaluation Guide page 65 for further information.