Palo 1.5 Sample Worksheet

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  • RE: Palo 1.5 Sample Worksheet

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for your reply. Palo is a great product with a big potential. Congratulations for the good work so far.

    The motivation of my post is that I think we need more Palo learning material. By learning material I mean tutorials, articles, online training and samples, a lot of samples. Of course, the Palo book on english would me a big help for all non-german speaking users. Perhaps the authors could post some sample chapters in english online once they get translated.

    Best regards,
    Luis Bender
  • RE: Palo 1.5 Sample Worksheet

    Hello Luis,

    Thanks for your compliments! - We actually haven't found a person yet to translate the Palo book into English. We will work on further material - but we also would also ask the community to send us Workbooks/samples to work with and to be free to download for everybody. We'll have that in mind and also think of another plattform to provide better and more interactive support.