PALO array functions

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  • PALO array functions

    PALO array functions still seem not to work. When I use e.g. PALO.CUBE_LIST_DIMENSIONS as matrix formula in Excel Sheet I only get back the first entry like "Products". And they don't work with vba ( Has anything been changed with the usage or is it still an open issue?

    Greetings from cologne

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  • RE: PALO array functions

    Hello Holger,

    Try pasting the function into one field, drag the formular down a couple of rows so the first entry will be seen at each row. Select this area and then go to the formular bar above. Set the cursor behind the formular and press
    <CTRL>+<SHIFT>+<ENTER> so your formular should now look like this ('{', '}' get added):

    {=PALO.CUBE_LIST_DIMENSIONS('Server/Database'; 'Cube')}

    and all dimensions should be there now. At least as long as your area is, so it could be better to select the whole column.

  • RE: PALO array functions

    hi Holger,

    I 've tried it with an array but it still didn't work.

    But you can get the values programmatically as follows:

    Sub XY

    Dim Server as String
    Dim Datenbank as String
    dim i as integer

    i = 1
    Server = "localhost"
    Datenbank = "Demo"

    'the dimensions of the database in the variable "Datenbank" are getting listed:

    Selection = Application.Run("PALO.DATABASE_LIST_DIMENSIONS", Server & "/" & Datenbank)
    Application.SendKeys "{Enter}+{+}+{^}", True

    On Error GoTo ende
    Do While Len(Range("h" & i).value) > 0

    'do something you like

    i = i + 1
    exit sub

    end sub

    Much better is it to avoid the selection-object and apply the range-method:

    Dim Bereich as Range
    Dim Server as String
    Dim Datenbank as String

    Server = "localhost"
    Datenbank = "Demo"

    Set Bereich = Range("H1:H100")
    Bereich = Application.Run("PALO.DATABASE_LIST_DIMENSIONS", Server & "/" & Datenbank)

    ..another example - use the comma before the last item:

    Set Bereich = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("temp").Range("A1:A30")
    Bereich = Application.Run("PALO.DIMENSION_LIST_ELEMENTS", "localhost/Demo", "Months")
    ciao, Ralf B

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  • Hi Holger,

    thanks, your hint was very helpful because my method didn't work in some cases.

    The following code works perfectly:

    dim v as variant
    dim i as integer
    v = Application.Run("PALO.DATABASE_LIST_DIMENSIONS", "localhost/Demo")

    if isarray(v) then
    for i = 1 to ubound(v)
    select case ubound(v)
    case 1
    debug.print v(i)
    case else
    debug.print v(i,1)
    end select
    next i
    end if
    ciao, Ralf B

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