Documentation of own rules

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    • Documentation of own rules


      For our planning dialog procces we do have different cubes with rules.
      After working with it for a year I face the complexity of the rules more and more.

      For example:
      - The sequence of the rules
      - Ability of using markers or not (dependency, over other rules, between cubes and databases)
      - The dependency of the rules
      use of continue
      use of rules over rules (spaghetti)
      - Type of rules (some times you want a B: rule and some times you do want a B: and a C: rule
      - Last but not least performance tuning.

      I was wondering if somebody had a good idea how to keep the overview and way of describing the working of the rules in the different models?

      In Excel I made a simple view of the ruls: Active, kind (consolidated, base, or general), marker, Key calculated field.
      Besides that I make an excel spreadsheat with the desired calculation in excel with next to it the calculated rulebased value. (which should match of course)
      But with growing requirements the complexity increased.

      Hope somebody experienced same issue .