Access a form element via macro

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  • Access a form element via macro


    Is it possible to access a form element via macro in Jedox5? For example to create a checkbox via macro.

    Accessing and updating properties of elements like Comboboxes from a macro will be possible in the next version. For example, you could have a macro that changes the source formula (subset) of a Combobox from one dimension to another.
  • While this is not possible, there are workarounds
    > you could add HTML tags in worksheet cells , but state is only preserved when you are in the cell.
    Use widgets -> either attach html as code, or IFRAME backed by a url address.

    Widgets are best way to add lacking functionality, as it offers you programming flexibility and easy data exchange,
    see the Geo Analysis (Widget) demo under Demo Spreadsheets > Biker Best > workbooks in file manager.

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