Deactivate auto-calculation in web report

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  • Deactivate auto-calculation in web report

    Hi everyone,

    first thinks first: I do not look for a way to deactivate the auto-calculation in the "File Manager" as I can do via Tools --> Auto-Calculate Data.

    My Problem is that Jedox generally auto-calculates my reports in the Report Manager and I can not deactivate it.
    So i look for a way to deactivate this auto-calculation for a certain part of my report for example the rows 10 to 20 and trigger the calcualtion for this rows via a button.
    To illustrate it further:
    1. Start the report in the Report Manager
    2. Auto-calculate of the report except the a spezific part
    3. Calculated part is worked on (f.e. ComboBoxes)
    4. Click on "Refresh"-Button
    5. Spezific (until now not calculated part) is calculated by pushing the Button

    Thank you for your help
  • I can suggest a workaround, but only good if you data display grid size is relatively small.

    Have the auto calculate turned on:
    >In the worksheet paste your view, but delete the PALO.DATA cells,
    >write a php macro to populate the data cell grid (check the members and relative position of cells and loop a and output to corresponding cells)-connect this function to POV dimension selection dropdown boxes ( if user wishes to change selection then the data would change).
    You could also attach this function to a (ROLLBACK) form button
    >have a equivalent php function which will take the data from data cells and do a PALO.SETDATA and attach that function to Submit button.

    So if a user selects the dimension from selections, he/she would see the data in the grid (note that data is not connected to the database)
    User can enter the data in the cells - if they don't like it click on the rollback button.

    Best regards.