how to copy Palo data and dimensions, rules, etc. to a new PC

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  • how to copy Palo data and dimensions, rules, etc. to a new PC

    I am upgrading to a new PC - how do I copy my Palo data and dimensions, rules etc. to the new PC ? I can easily download another copy of Palo however I do not want to re-create all my dimensions etc.
  • Hi,

    You will find out your data, rules and cubes here:
    C:\Program Files\Jedox\Palo\data\ (there is a folder for your data base).
    (This is true for PALO 3.2, it may be Palo Suite if you installed the Palo Suite version.)

    Stop PALO service, copy and paste the folder on your new HDD and restart the service.


  • Jocelyn,

    Thanks for your help. I will try again. Perhaps I did not copy teh correct "Data" file (I am using the community version of Palo Suite).

    It is confusing to me that the "date modified" for the database_Cube files all seem to be ~3 years old (about the time of teh original installation). I would have thought the current cube files and rules etc. would have had a recent date.
  • I am still not able to find the file where my dimensions are stored.

    I think I have found where my data cube files are stored: my documents\Jedox\Palo\Data\Demo
    However when I copy the files from this directory onto my new PC the dimensions that I created are not there

    Again why I am doing this is because I am upgrading to a new PC (FYI - I am the only one at our company that uses Jedox so I just have it setup as a stand-alone application on my PC)

    I appreciate any help you could offer.