I can't seem to use an 'avg' aggregation

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    • I can't seem to use an 'avg' aggregation

      I want one of the measures in my cube to be averaged, not summed or counted. 'sum' and 'count' work just fine; I have measures aggregated in both ways. However, the measure for which I selected 'avg' as the aggregation type still displays the sum. What might I be doing wrong? I'm attaching screen shots to help pinpoint the issue.

      As an example, in the "Output.png" screenshot, I would expect the DaysOpen value for 12-009876 (about halfway down) to be 3, since each of the two lines under it is 3. I've also attached screen shots of the tree extract listing the measures available in this cube and the table transform where the DaysOpen measure is defined.
      • TreeExtract.png

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      • TableTransform.png

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      • Output.png

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    • Hi,
      Currently OLAP doesn't support other aggregation functions than sum as cell results.
      Your solution using rules is correct.
      Other option is that you can replace PALO.DATA by PALO.DATA.AVG spreadsheet formula. doc: knowledgebase.jedox.com/knowle…jedox-palo-olap-functions
      It can be quite complicated and slower at the end, because it is quite flexible. You can calculate averages over selected dimensions and over one or more aggregation levels.