Rule for MTD

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  • Rule for MTD

    Hello All,

    We have a requirement to get the MTD value after the user selects a date. I'm still new to palo, anyway I have attached
    below a sample report:…959328e1b8235e6abc6d5a55d

    In the sample cube, it has dimensions: Customer, Measure (with MTD element), Date_MTD, Price, etc. I want to make
    a RULE to compute the value of MTD element when the user chooses a date. The value should be the sum from first
    day of the month to the date selected by the user.

    something like below:

    Source Code

    1. ['Measures':'MTD'] = [<sum from first date to date selected...>]

    Is there any other way to do this aside from making a rule? Would really appreciate your kind help.

    Thanks in advance.

    • mtd.PNG

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