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  • Community Benefits

    LOL - the Jedox Community Edition may be no use to me any more, but forum membership still provides benefits as this message just received from forum member, revc1, clearly shows

    "I am sending you this mail with sympathy and concern regarding late client deposited millions USD, relative whom I have failed to locate two years now so I will need full co-operation from you to transfer the funds to your account as the next of kin.
    I will tell you the name late client and current amount of funds involved once I read from you.

    Thanks and have a great day as I look forward to read from you soon.
    God bless,
    Rev. Chris"

    Thanks Jedox

    But wait I've just seen there's more!

    "Hello Dear,

    My Name is Favour Nhiany,I was impressed when i saw your profile internet at,and i will like you to email me back to my inbox so that i can

    send you my pictures for you to know who i am. I want to establishe a
    long lasting relationship with you.In addition, i will like you to reply
    me through my private email box (

    So that i can send you my pictures, and also tell you more about my self,

    Thanks,waiting to hear from you soonest.

    Favour. "

    It's going to be a wealthy and exciting 2014 I can tell!

    Best wishes

    John Hobson
    The Planning Factory, Lytham, UK
  • These "special offers" are not new here. In the past the forum admins were quite fast to stop them.

    If you where to busy to secure the millions in african/swiss vaults to impress the "devoted lady" then the offers would spread more diminishing your cance to succed ;.-)