choose elements dialogue does not appear / selection dialogue changes no page selector elements

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  • choose elements dialogue does not appear / selection dialogue changes no page selector elements

    Hi everybody,

    when I want to choose another element in the header of my reports, the dialogue window doesn't appear and I have to kill my excel process to restart excel. but on the excel icon in my task bar a second window with dialogue window is visible (it is sufficient to kill that window to continue manageing excel).

    When I try to change the report by opening the window "paste view" I am able to choose elements in the row and column titles but not in the page selector. When I push elements from the page selector into the row or column titles, I can change them. Choosing in the page selector requires to kill the excel process.

    Server: 2008R2, Client: excel 2007/2010 Palo: 3.2

    Does anyone have an idea ?
    Axel Schaefer
  • My first guess would be that the dialogue window is opened (your description of taskbar status sounds like it), but for some reason it is opened outside of the viewport, i.e. not visible on Monitor. What you could try is activating the dialogue window blindly, then move it into sight with the keyboard. If I recall correctly, the steps for this are
    - press ALT + Tab until the dlg window is active
    - press ALT + Space
    - press M (this might be different if you have Windows in non-english locale)
    - use keyboard arrow keys to move the window

    If this was indeed problem, dialogue should remember it's new position fromt hat point onward.
  • Error page selector

    The dimension to switch is for example the year dimension which contains 5 elements (2014-2010).

    Switching to the opened window (shown in the task bar) by ALT+ the different ways mentionned by Dominik doesn't work.
    The dialogue window "choosing element" does not appear between all opened windows.

    Any other suggestions ?
    Deinstalling and reinstalling of the excel client didn't help.

    In the page selector of the paste view window I cannot choose any element neither.
    The check box "show element selector on doubleclick" of the paste view window doesn't work.

    In the annex a screenshot of the window in the taskbar without access.

    Does a Java update have any influence on the excel client ?
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