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  • Hi,

    what version of Palo did you install? A limitation of Palo compared to Jedox is, that it indeed only uses a single core for the molap engine.
    What database do you want to start? How big? Many rules with markers? Can you post the startup part of the logfile? What OS do you use?
    What do you want to achieve with the solution?
    I don't see, why you would need a desktop in the server room. What's you vendor's argument for this?

  • Calrification

    I would like to clarify that there was no intension to disrespect the provider in Israel or to undermine his capability. The provider has been trying to resolve the matter and is not rude or disrespectful. Saying that I would like to still point out that we are still facing a challenge of being able to resolve the matter of performance of the system with regards to loading and being hosted in a true server environment

  • I
    will get the configuration for you but we were told that the entire DB has to
    load into RAM this is why it is taking over 4 hours to load the system. If we
    make a change to the system or have to reset the machine we need to wait
    another 4 hours. This is why we are told we need a desktop with a processor
    more than 3GHZ to speed up the process. Is it normal to load the entire DB into
    memory? Is there a limitation of the software to run in a VM environment?

    We have 2xHP DL360 G8 with 4 CPU's E2620 to the system we allocated 16 cores as well as 8GB RAM we are running VMX-09 with Win2008 R2 64bit.
  • To make this issue more clear to the community members :

    Server starts at 40 minutes with the virtual configuration that was described (VMWARE).
    The same model starts within less than 20 minutes on a laptop or our test server both are not virtual.

    We have found that Core CPU speed at virtual server is 2 GHz and Ram is probably 66MHZX2 (we are not sure about ram speed test).
    The non-virtual environment was stronger and faster.
    We also got good (same as desktop) results using Microsoft Hyper-V that had better CPU speed.

    We believe that enhancing the CPU speed or memory at the VMWARE will resolve the issue. Another option is to purchase a good standard desktop that provides better performance.
    I will appreciate any suggestion/experienced feedback.
    Dr. Liran Edelist