PALO and VB2010

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  • PALO and VB2010


    Is it possible to create applications with PALO 3.2 CE and VB2010 Express? I've downloaded VB.NET, Palo SDK 3.2 and now I try to install dll files but it doesn't work. Has somebody developped such an application?
    I would like something very simple to begin : a simple form VB2010 with textboxes, and a button to write the contents of the textboxes in the Palo cube.

    Thanks for your help

  • Yes, without problem :)
    Add reference to Jedox.Palo.Comm.dll (also libpalo2.dll and libpalo_ng.dll must be in debug/relase directory) into your project and use this, f.e.:

    Source Code

    1. Public Class Palo
    2. Public objPaloConn As jedox.palo.Comm.Connection
    3. Public Function DatabaseListCubes()
    4. Try
    5. objPaloConn = New jedox.palo.Comm.Connection("localhost", 7777, "admin", "admin")
    6. DatabaseListCubes = objPaloConn.DatabaseListCubes("demo")
    7. Catch ex_palo_comm As jedox.palo.Comm.PaloCommException
    8. Catch ex_palo As jedox.palo.Comm.PaloException
    9. Catch ex As Exception
    10. End Try
    11. End Function
    12. End Class
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