Dynarange & Subset with multiple restriction

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  • Dynarange & Subset with multiple restriction

    Hi guys,

    Here is my problem.

    I have a cube with the following dimensions : A (elements : a1, ..., aN) & B (elements : b1, ..., bN)

    I want to do a dynarange capable of getting informations from this cube where (a1,b1)=1 AND (a2,b2) = 2 (for ex)

    I know I can either have the first or the second condition in the DATA tab of the subset. But how can I have both ?

    Please don't tell me I have to do a dynarange capable of filtering on (a1,b1)=1 and another one with (a2,b2) = 2.............. :)

    Thanks in advance for your advices.
  • Hi trall,

    you can try the following:

    1/ code a macro where you define 2 arrays populated by 2 palo_subset formulas that correspond to your conditions
    2/ intersect both arrays
    3/ return the intersection

    then instead of using a subset in the definition of your dynarange, use your custom macro.

    I believe that it should do the trick


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