Dimension Mapping

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  • Dimension Mapping


    I have the following Situation, see the following example:
    Dimensionname : | department | process | cost
    Some entrys:
    Dept A, Dept B ...

    The Problem ist, that not all processes belong to all departments and all costs belong to all processes.
    What can I do to map theses?
    Is there a best Practice?

    May be I can use hierarchies but this wont workl for everything..

    It would be nice if I can map this somewhere, to see in the excel only the elements who belongs to this department.



    Would like to have in a Pivot e.g.

    .. | | Measure xy
    Dept A | Process A | 120
    Dept A | Process A2 | 20
    But only Process A to Dept A (in the Dimension would be entrys to Process B etc... but I wont that the can be choosen)

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