setdata : RIghts problems ?

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  • setdata : RIghts problems ?

    Hi guys,

    I have a erally weir problem with JEDOX 5.

    Let's imagine I have this function in a form called by a macro which just do a set data into a dimension (on attribute)

    PHP Source Code

    1. function updateLastConnexion() {
    2. $nni=current_user();
    3. $year=date("Y");
    4. $month=date("m");
    5. application()->palo_setdata($year.$month, FALSE, "localhost/Administration", "#_NNI", "Date dernière connexion", $nni);
    6. }

    When executed with and ADMIN it works 10000%
    When executed with lower role, nothings happens. I guess there are rights' problems here...

    BUT, (yes there is a but), last months, this function worked with all of our users. I don't think rights moved since this period (I'm not alone on the project, but I can't contact the other guys for now).

    So, do you think there is another possibility or is it 'only' a right problem ?

    If yes (and I think this has to do with rights), what is the MINIMUM rights I have to set in the role attached to the user's group ?

    I have for now :

    Write in : database, cube, dimension, dimension element, cell data
    Read in : user, group, rights, sub set view, ste_***
    None in : password, system operations, even processor, user info, rule, ste_***

    Thanks for any kind of advice.

    Ps : I guess I should restart services, but I "can't" do it for now...