logging data change

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  • logging data change

    is it possible to log data changes of a cube?

    I plan to use excel based planning sheets but have to know when users change values.

    Is there a automatic log which can be activated?
    Is it possible to write a cube value e.g. "date changed", "changed by user", "old value", "new value" automaticalliy through a trigger?
    Is there a possible way to do this indirectly via excel?
  • RE: logging data change

    Hello mgutmann,

    The Palo 1.5 server writes the current values and the history of change
    in its log files (for each cube, username included) and stores this data
    with history after stopping Palo in the according archived file of the cube.
    The current valid data is stored in the .csv then. The reference of the elements
    is stored in the database.csv.

    If you want to monitor your data, I would recommend to use the Supervision
    Server which supports action based Palo events. But the Supervision Server
    is not open source. If you are interested in our product, please get in contact
    with us.